In their own words: Hon Docs offer invaluable advice

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As part of the 2016 Spring Convocation ceremonies, McGill will bestow Honorary Degrees to fourteen distinguished individuals. What words of advice do the have for the Class of 2016? Click on the thumbnails below to watch their addresses.

Maria Labrecque Duchesneau is a trained social worker known as the “guardian angel of the agricultural community”. Born on a farm in Quebec, Mrs. Labrecque Duchesneau knows firsthand the hardships of farming life. In 2001, she founded Au Coeur des Familles Agricoles (ACFA), a non-profit organization that works to meet the needs, both physical and psychological, of the agricultural community, while sensitizing the public to the agricultural environment. In 2013, ACFA opened a respite home in St-Hyacinthe where farmers can receive support services and obtain temporary help on their farms during their stay. ACFA has extended its services throughout Canada and has published numerous studies on agricultural producers’ health. Mrs. Labrecque Duchesneau has led very dynamic and innovative initiatives in Quebec, among them Fierté Agricole, a group whose mandate is to break the isolation in the rural community for LGBT agricultural producers.