Maxime Dion


My name is Maxime Dion and I live in Saint-Nazaire d’Acton. I grew up in a suburb of Montreal which allowed me to make my coming out at a young age, namely at 15 years old. From then on, I began to get involved with many LGBT+ organizations to express my difference, share with people who are like me and to militate for the rights and recognition of the community.

In March 2010, during an evening performance of the Radical Queer Week, Philippe and I clinked our bottles of beer for the first time. It was quite a pleasant exchange between a theatre guy and a cinema guy. It was love at first sight. A year later, we got married and explored Eastern Canada by hitchhiking. After working on an organic farm thanks to the WWOOFING organization, we wanted to try having our own truck farm. This is how the Ferme La Bourrasque came to be in Saint-Nazaire d’Acton in March 2012! Nowadays, more than 150 families have signed up to receive our organic baskets through Équiterre’s network of family farmers. We also sell our vegetables at the Jean-Talon Market under the Bio-Locaux banner, coordinated by the CAPÉ (a cooperative for local ecological farming). The Ferme La Bourrasque was awarded the “prix d’entreprise agricole de niche” in 2015 during the Gala Distinction de la Chambre de commerce d’Acton Vale. Every day I am thankful for our predecessors. It is because of their fight that I can share my passion for farming with the man I love.

My involvement with Fierté Agricole started in 2014. I currently finish my first year as President of the organization, and I’m proud of my team. Their efforts allow us to be a major player of the rural LGBT+ community. Thank you for contributing to our mission!